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In our planning discussions for the GitOps Toolkit we identified largely three areas of work:

  • Feature parity with Flux v1 in read-only mode
  • Feature parity with the image-update functionality in Flux v1
  • Feature parity with Helm Operator v1

All of the above will constitute "Flux v2".

The road to Flux v2

Flux read-only feature parity


This would be the first stepping stone: we want the GitOps Toolkit to be on-par with today's Flux in read-only mode and FluxCloud notifications.



  • Migrate users that are using Flux to run custom scripts with flux.yaml
  • Automate the migration of flux.yaml kustomize users


  • Design the events API
  • Implement events in source and kustomize controllers
  • Make the kustomize-controller apply/gc events on-par with Flux v1 apply events
  • Design the notifications and events filtering API
  • Implement a notification controller for Slack, MS Teams, Discord, Rocket
  • Implement Prometheus metrics in source and kustomize controllers
  • Review the git source and kustomize APIs
  • Implement the migration command in gotk
  • Create a migration guide for flux.yaml kustomize users
  • Include support for SOPS

Flux image update feature parity



  • Offer components that can replace Flux v1 image update feature


  • Maintain backwards compatibility with Flux v1 annotations


  • Design the image scanning and automation API
  • Implement an image scanning controller
  • Design the automation component
  • Implement the image scan/patch/push workflow
  • Integrate the new components in the toolkit assembler
  • Create a migration guide from Flux annotations

The road to Helm Operator v2

Helm v3 feature parity



  • Offer a migration guide for those that are using Helm Operator with Helm v3 and charts from Helm and Git repositories


  • Migrate users that are using Helm v2


  • Implement a Helm controller for Helm v3 covering all the current release options
  • Discuss and design Helm releases based on source API:
    • Providing values from sources
    • Conditional remediation on failed Helm actions
    • Support for Helm charts from Git
  • Review the Helm release, chart and repository APIs
  • Implement events in Helm controller
  • Implement Prometheus metrics in Helm controller
  • Implement support for values from Secret and ConfigMap resources
  • Implement conditional remediation on (failed) Helm actions
  • Implement support for Helm charts from Git
  • Implement support for referring to an alternative chart values file
  • Stabilize API
  • Create a migration guide for Helm Operator users