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Watching for source changes

In this guide you'll be developing a Kubernetes controller with Kubebuilder that subscribes to GitRepository events and reacts to revision changes by downloading the artifact produced by source-controller.


On your dev machine install the following tools:

  • go >= 1.13
  • kubebuilder >= 2.3
  • kind >= 0.8
  • kubectl >= 1.18
  • kustomize >= 3.5
  • docker >= 19.03

Install the GitOps Toolkit

Create a cluster for testing:

kind create cluster --name dev

Install the toolkit CLI:

curl -s | sudo bash

Verify that your dev machine satisfies the prerequisites with:

gotk check --pre

Install the toolkit controllers on the dev cluster:

gotk install

Clone the sample controller

You'll be using stefanprodan/source-watcher as a template for developing your own controller. The source-watcher was scaffolded with kubebuilder init.

Clone the source-watcher repo:

git clone
cd source-watcher

Build the controller:


Run the controller

Port forward to source-controller artifacts server:

kubectl -n gotk-system port-forward svc/source-controller 8181:80

Export the local address as SOURCE_HOST:

export SOURCE_HOST=localhost:8181

Run source-watcher locally:

make run

Create a Git source:

gotk create source git test \
--url= \

The source-watcher should log the revision:

New revision detected   {"gitrepository": "gotk-system/test", "revision": "4.0.0/ab953493ee14c3c9800bda0251e0c507f9741408"}
Extracted tarball into /var/folders/77/3y6x_p2j2g9fspdkzjbm5_s40000gn/T/test292235827: 123 files, 29 dirs (32.603415ms)
Processing files...

Change the Git tag:

gotk create source git test \
--url= \

The source-watcher should log the new revision:

New revision detected   {"gitrepository": "gotk-system/test", "revision": "4.0.1/113360052b3153e439a0cf8de76b8e3d2a7bdf27"}

The source-controller reports the revision under GitRepository.Status.Artifact.Revision in the format: <branch|tag>/<commit>.

How it works

The GitRepositoryWatcher controller does the following:

  • subscribes to GitRepository events
  • detects when the Git revision changes
  • downloads and extracts the source artifact
  • write to stdout the extracted file names
// GitRepositoryWatcher watches GitRepository objects for revision changes
type GitRepositoryWatcher struct {
    Log    logr.Logger
    Scheme *runtime.Scheme


func (r *GitRepositoryWatcher) Reconcile(req ctrl.Request) (ctrl.Result, error) {
    // set timeout for the reconciliation
    ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), 15*time.Second)
    defer cancel()

    // get source object
    var repository sourcev1.GitRepository
    if err := r.Get(ctx, req.NamespacedName, &repository); err != nil {
        return ctrl.Result{}, client.IgnoreNotFound(err)

    log := r.Log.WithValues(strings.ToLower(repository.Kind), req.NamespacedName)
    log.Info("New revision detected", "revision", repository.Status.Artifact.Revision)

    // create tmp dir
    tmpDir, err := ioutil.TempDir("", repository.Name)
    if err != nil {
        return ctrl.Result{}, fmt.Errorf("unable to create temp dir, error: %w", err)
    defer os.RemoveAll(tmpDir)

    // download and extract artifact
    summary, err := r.fetchArtifact(ctx, repository, tmpDir)
    if err != nil {
        return ctrl.Result{}, fmt.Errorf("unable to fetch artifact, error: %w", err)

    // list artifact content
    files, err := ioutil.ReadDir(tmpDir)
    if err != nil {
        return ctrl.Result{}, fmt.Errorf("unable to list files, error: %w", err)

    // do something with the artifact content
    for _, f := range files {
        log.Info("Processing " + f.Name())

    return ctrl.Result{}, nil

func (r *GitRepositoryWatcher) SetupWithManager(mgr ctrl.Manager) error {
    return ctrl.NewControllerManagedBy(mgr).

To add the watcher to an existing project, copy the controller and the revision change predicate to your controllers dir:

In your main.go init function, register the Source API schema:

import sourcev1 ""

func init() {
    _ = clientgoscheme.AddToScheme(scheme)
    _ = sourcev1.AddToScheme(scheme)

    // +kubebuilder:scaffold:scheme

Start the controller in the main function:

func main()  {

    if err = (&controllers.GitRepositoryWatcher{
        Client: mgr.GetClient(),
        Log:    ctrl.Log.WithName("controllers").WithName("GitRepositoryWatcher"),
        Scheme: mgr.GetScheme(),
    }).SetupWithManager(mgr); err != nil {
        setupLog.Error(err, "unable to create controller", "controller", "GitRepositoryWatcher")


Note that the watcher controller depends on Kubernetes client-go >= 1.18. Your go.mod should require controller-runtime v0.6 or newer:

require ( v0.18.4 v0.18.4 v0.6.0

That's it! Happy hacking!