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Source Controller

The main role of the source management component is to provide a common interface for artifacts acquisition. The source API defines a set of Kubernetes objects that cluster admins and various automated operators can interact with to offload the Git and Helm repositories operations to a dedicated controller.


  • Validate source definitions
  • Authenticate to sources (SSH, user/password, API token)
  • Validate source authenticity (PGP)
  • Detect source changes based on update policies (semver)
  • Fetch resources on-demand and on-a-schedule
  • Package the fetched resources into a well-known format (tar.gz, yaml)
  • Make the artifacts addressable by their source identifier (sha, version, ts)
  • Make the artifacts available in-cluster to interested 3rd parties
  • Notify interested 3rd parties of source changes and availability (status conditions, events, hooks)