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The Event API defines what information a report of an event issued by a controller should contain.



type Event struct {
    // The object that this event is about.
    // +required
    InvolvedObject corev1.ObjectReference `json:"involvedObject"`

    // Severity type of this event (info, error)
    // +required
    Severity string `json:"severity"`

    // The time at which this event was recorded.
    // +required
    Timestamp metav1.Time `json:"timestamp"`

    // A human-readable description of this event.
    // Maximum length 39,000 characters
    // +required
    Message string `json:"message"`

    // A machine understandable string that gives the reason
    // for the transition into the object's current status.
    // +required
    Reason string `json:"reason"`

    // Metadata of this event, e.g. apply change set.
    // +optional
    Metadata map[string]string `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

    // Name of the controller that emitted this event, e.g. `source-controller`.
    // +required
    ReportingController string `json:"reportingController"`

    // ID of the controller instance, e.g. `source-controller-xyzf`.
    // +optional
    ReportingInstance string `json:"reportingInstance,omitempty"`

Event severity:

const (
    EventSeverityInfo string = "info"
    EventSeverityError string = "error"

Controller implementations can use the fluxcd/pkg/runtime/events package to push events to notification-controller API.