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GitOps Toolkit

The GitOps Toolkit is a set of composable APIs and specialized tools that can be used to build a Continuous Delivery platform on top of Kubernetes.

These tools are build with Kubernetes controller-runtime libraries, and they can be dynamically configured with Kubernetes custom resources either by cluster admins or by other automated tools. The GitOps Toolkit components interact with each other via Kubernetes events and are responsible for the reconciliation of their designated API objects.

Work in Progress

We envision a future where Flux v2 and Helm Operator v2 will be assembled from the GitOps Toolkit components. The Flux CD team is looking for feedback and help as the toolkit is in an active experimentation phase. If you wish to take part in this quest please reach out to us on Slack or GitHub.


Target features:

  • Source management
  • Kustomize and Helm support
  • Event-based and on-a-schedule reconciliation
  • Role-based reconciliation (multi-tenancy)
  • Health assessment (clusters and workloads)
  • Dependency management (infra and workloads)
  • Alerting to external systems (webhook senders)
  • External events handling (webhook receivers)
  • Source write-back (automated patching)
  • Policy driven validation (OPA, admission controllers)
  • Seamless integration with Git providers (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)
  • Interoperability with workflow providers (GitHub Actions, Tekton, Argo)
  • Interoperability with CAPI providers


To get started with the toolkit please follow this guide.